Półwysep Sielanka

We invite you to our campsite “Półwysep Sielanka” (“Peninsula Idyll”), situated in the village Dźwierszno Małe in the Pilski district, in the immediate vicinity of the lake Stryjewo.

The surrounding forests, meadows, the clean air, peace and quiet put our guests in an idyllic mood. "Półwysep Sielanka" is a perefct place for anglers and lovers of water sports (you can rent equippment on-site).

The property is enclosed and borders on forests and the Lake (700 m coastline).

On the peninsula is a beach, a beach volleyball court, a bonfire spot. In the newly built sanitation facilities there are showers, ladies’ and men’s restrooms, an accessible toilet and a washing-up place.

We offer a plot lease (surface of about 130m², situated directly at the lake). On each plot there is a water and electricity connection.

We cordially invite everybody who wants to spend the holidays in the bosom of nature!


water sports equipment hire

a beach

a beach volleyball court

a bonfire spot

fishing posts

water ball

The price list

residence per one person
people in age to 12 years
children in age to 4 years
daily residence
current according
pedal boat
winter storage of caravan
plot lease in one season

8 zloty
5 zloty
no charge
4 zloty
10 zloty
15 zloty
8 zloty
5 zloty
3 zloty
4 zloty
10 zloty
10 zloty
15 zloty
10 zloty
250 zloty
5 zloty
price depends on area

Single stay  over  10 days -  10% off in the residence charge.
The discount doesn’t  include current charge.

Mapka działek


Dźwierszno Małe
Gmina Łobżenica

Bank transfer details:
Półwysep Sielanka
Idea Bank 68 1950 0001 2006 0053 2443 0001

GPS coordinates:
N 53182522   E 17212484   Lat 53307008   Lng 17356902

+48 669 505 545


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